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Membership options

Unfortunately, ACMP Atlanta membership options are only reduced down to members and non-members.

This is something we want to evolve as we continue to curate exclusive content with a focus on our mission and vision—especially in relation to change making, networking, and being Atlanta's premier organization to do so. 

So, with the future in mind, we're playing around with the idea of membership tiers to: 

— allow members to have more exclusive benefits (Member of ACMP Atlanta) 

— allow people curious about membership to get a taste of what full membership can offer (Friend of ACMP Atlanta)

— incentivize non-members to consider another membership tier (Non-member)

For now, additional membership options are in the tinkering process. We'll keep you posted!

For more information on the ACMP Global organization, visit their website at acmpglobal.org. 

ACMP Atlanta is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

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