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To be Atlanta's engine for change management advocacy, education, research, and innovation; whose practitioner-members work with - and within - our partner organizations to grow and support a strong change management ecosystem with local community and business impact. 


To enrich and interconnect Change Management Professionals, Our Partners, the Practice at-large, and Our Atlanta Community through  volunteerism, development, charitable, and educational activities that are open to all 


ACMP Atlanta is a 100% volunteer-run premier organization that is uniquely positioned to equip and educate change professionals to lead the way change is managed across diverse industries, fields, communities, teams and organizations.   

The WIIFM for Our Professionals, Our Partners, Our Practice, Our Community:

For more information on the ACMP Global organization, visit their website at acmpglobal.org.

ACMP Atlanta is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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